Audition Notice

Published 14 Aug 2021

Wednesday 29th September at 7:45pm at The Players Theatre

VEGANUARY written by member Penny Macleod - directed by Pat Shepherd.

This will be performed as a Green Room social evening for Thame Players members. 

‘Save the planet — but what about the family?’ A (mostly) comedy.

Helena decides to do Veganuary to boost her health and explore the idea of saving the planet by eating less meat. She has an additional motive of wanting to stay close to her ever more headstrong and independent daughter, who is out to save the world. Paul, her foodie husband, is highly sceptical at first, but gradually tries out some vegan recipes and enjoys losing some weight himself. By the end of January, things are very different. What will happen at dinnertime now? Will principles destroy family life? 


  • Helena - 50s Journalist, Mother.
  • Paul - 50s Founder/Proprietor of High-End travel company. Father.
  • Chloe - 16 Daughter
  • Jack - 21 Son
  • Chelsy - 21 Jack’s South African girlfriend (final two scenes only) 

All ages approximate and dependent on cast available. 

Contact Pat for scripts ahead of time on

Performance date (Green Room Social Evening) 4th February 2022