Make sure you don’t miss the auditions and feel free to contact the directors for information as soon as the details appear here or in Backdrop. People are needed to contribute in every conceivable capacity so whether you’re an on-stage, backstage or front-of house person make sure they know you want to help.

AUDITIONS 22nd AND 24th MAY 2017

The Browning Version by Terence Rattigan directed by Phil Byrom

Auditions will be held at 7:45pm on Monday 22nd and Wednesday 24th May in the Players Theatre.

Eighteen years ago, Andrew Crocker-Harris started his new job as a Public-School teacher. He and his new, young wife had high hopes and great ambitions, both personally and professionally, but sadly it was not to be. Torn apart by opposing needs and forced by ill health to quit his post early they must each move on, but to what kind of future may they now look forward and will they face it together or apart?
One of Rattigan’s best known plays and with good reason, with subtext worthy of Pinter and pathos befitting a Greek tragedy, our sympathies pass from character to character as we learn more about each and gain some insight into their souls. There is tremendous scope for actors, from modest parts like Dr Frobisher, the Headmaster, to the central, triangular relationship of Andrew, Millie and Frank; all are beautifully wrought studies of humanity and all combine to tell a sad and poignant, yet ultimately an inspiring and restorative, tale of love and longing.

John Taplow
One of Andrew Crocker-Harris’ pupils in the Lower Fifth. A plain, moon-faced boy of about sixteen, with glasses.

Frank Hunter
Upper Fifth Science teacher, colleague to Andrew Crocker-Harris and sometime lover of his wife, Millie. A rugged young man – not perhaps quite as rugged as his deliberately-cultivated manner of ruthless honesty makes him appear, but wrapped in all the self-confidence of the popular master.

Millie Crocker-Harris
Andrew Crocker-Harris’ wife, who has carried on a succession of affairs in full view of her husband. A thin woman in her late thirties, rather more smartly dressed than the general run of school-masters’ wives.

Andrew Crocker-Harris
A brilliant classical scholar, but an unpopular and unaccomplished teacher, forced to leave his post early by ill health. Neat, complacent and unruffled. He speaks in a very gentle voice which he rarely raises.

Dr Frobisher
Headmaster of the Public School at which Andrew Crocker-Harris teaches. Looks more like a distinguished diplomat than a doctor of literature and a classical scholar. He is in the middle fifties and goes to a very good tailor.

Peter Gilbert
Fresh-faced young teacher succeeding Andrew Crocker-Harris as head of the Lower Fifth. About twenty-two.

Mrs Gilbert
Peter Gilbert’s wife of barely three months. A year or so younger than her husband, eerily echoing the Crocker-Harris’ disposition when he arrived at the school eighteen years previously.

Scripts are available for anyone who would like to read through ahead of the auditions. Please email if you would like a copy or to chat about the play or characters.
Performances are Tuesday 12th to Saturday 16th September.